Garden Update – 4/26/2011

My parents are in town for a week, so we’ve been tackling all sorts of little projects around the house. One such project is the netted cage you see above, which will hopefully keep critters away from my strawberry patch. I still need to add a handle to it, to make it easier to lift up for harvesting and weeding.

Carrots are starting to sprout up out of the ground. I’ve never grown carrots before so I’m excited to see the process unfold over the next couple months.

Lastly, We put in tomato cages and a twine support for the eggplants. I also planted lettuce in the two front rows, to stagger out my harvest from the middle row lettuce.

3 thoughts on “Garden Update – 4/26/2011

  1. Garden update…we need the good, the bad, and the ugly. You cant just sugar coat life as you desire…..

    (you answer: aye aye Chief.)


  2. Hi Russ, I would love to know how you built the cover for your beds as I am having trouble keeping the critters out of my beds too. Thank you


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