Garden Update – 6/22/11

It’s been a while since I’ve updated on the garden, but here are a couple choice photos. Above you see the back veggie garden as of a few weeks ago. We adopted a dog for a couple weeks, who had a fondness of digging up my plants; this wreaked havoc on the lettuce and carrots. Still, I was able to save most of the upturned carrots (I’ll share a picture in another post) and we ended up with so much lettuce that we didn’t miss the ruined stuff.

the culprit

Since taking the garden picture above, the tomato plants have doubled in size, the lettuce has all been eaten (by both us and a huge swarm of bugs), and the garlic was harvested. The eggplant (in between the two pairs of tomato plants) are also getting pretty tall. The garlic came out pretty small, but I had planted it last fall using grocery garlic just to see how the process worked, so it wasn’t a big loss.

The middle-right row lettuce was basically knocked out by the dog, so I planted a cantaloupe plant there instead. I really should have researched how big those plants get, because I have a feeling that they will overtake a tomato plant or two by the end of the season.

Although I pulled most of the strawberry flowers before they could turn into berries, I let a couple of them grow just to taste the fruit. We got about six strawberries and they were all plump, juicy, and very sweet. We’re looking forward to our late-summer harvest.

3 thoughts on “Garden Update – 6/22/11

    1. Hi Andy, I planted my strawberry plants last fall, and pulled the flowers this spring to allow the young plants more time to focus energy on their roots instead of producing berries. Hopefully it’ll pay off with larger harvests each year from now on.


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