Giveaway – Win a Blendtec Designer Series Blender ($620 value)!

In the months leading up to my newly-announced cookbook‘s release, I’ll be giving away some of the tools I used when making the dishes found in the book. For my first giveaway, I’m teaming up with Blendtec to give away one of their Designer Series blenders (factory restored, $500 value), plus a Twister jar ($120 value).

Blendtec was kind enough to send me one of their blenders about halfway through cooking the recipes that would make it into the book. Our ordinary blender worked fine for what we needed, but the Designer Series Blendtec blenders take cooking to a whole new level. The touch-screen interface is a thing of beauty, and its features take the guesswork out of blending altogether. We now use it for just about all of our pureeing, blending, and sauce-making needs, as seen in this week’s Gobhi Musallam recipe.

To enter the giveaway, simply click here and enter via Rafflecopter. The giveaway ends November 2nd 2013, and I will pick a winner on November 3rd. Giveaway limited to US residents. Good luck!

16 thoughts on “Giveaway – Win a Blendtec Designer Series Blender ($620 value)!

  1. Looks pretty fancy me but I think I kinda like it. Thanks for sharing your story. I think this just might be the lifestyle I need to adapt too. I sure hope it works. My next step was going to be veg. but I really enjoy chicken and turkey. I think you have given me the answer. Never heard of it, but going to investigate and get to it!!


  2. WE are in the same family of diseases…you actually have a vascular disease and an autoimmune second LOL. Because it specifically attacks our vessels it’s vascular. I know many TAKs due to running a support group for vasculitis on FB. You’re welcome to join. Just let me know if you wish you to join. I did very well on Paleo and will be restarting the lifestyle this weekend! I have wegener’s granulomatosis. I’ve had it over 20 years, but was only diagnosed 9 years ago. I’ve been on chemo and prednisone for 9 years, had to leave teaching, sell my home, car and go on SSD. It’s not been a fun life. I’m so happy you were dx so early in life. It saved you years of damage on your body.


    1. Hi Christine, thanks for sharing. Good luck with your journey. I can’t imagine 9 years on Prednisone! Four years for me was terrible. Getting off Prednisone was very hard but once I weaned off, things started to normalize pretty quickly.


      1. Russ, I’m FINALLY down to 2mg. I’ve never been this low!!!! I have zero energy from it, but I am DETERMINED! I’ve also started my Paleo life again. I feel better already. Getting that gluten and sugar and other processed junk out the door feels so empowering.

        I’m so happy you are raising awareness on vasculitis and autoimmune diseases. The reason so many die from our diseases is a lack of knowledge, not by regular people, but by doctors. I just lost a friend to Wegener’s 2 weeks ago. We, those of us conquering our diseases, cannot let others suffer. Awareness is KEY! I shared your story with over 1500 people that have vasculitis!

        Very proud of you, Russ!


  3. I would love to enter but you can only enter if you are on facebook or twitter maybe next time you will include Pinterest and regular email entries for us less social media active folks. Good luck to all the winners.


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