Eggplant Pizza

As summer hits (it’s 102 degrees as I type this!), no one’s really in the mood to cook an extravagant creation. I get that. That’s why I have simple, easy recipes like my little eggplant pizzas to get through the scorching days. There’s not a whole lot to this recipe, but it’s the perfect little distraction that seems to be most appealing when we don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

In general I don’t like using the oven while it’s hot out, but these little babies cook up relatively fast so I don’t mind them so much.

You’ll Need:
1 eggplant, sliced
1/2 cup pizza sauce
1/2 cup mozzarella cheese
1/2 tsp each salt and pepper
2 tsp olive oil for brushing
toppings as needed

Slice the eggplant and sprinkle with some salt on each side. Set aside for thirty minutes, then rinse and pat dry. This will take some of the bitterness out of the eggplant, especially if you’re using a larger/older fruit.

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees. Brush each side of the eggplant slices with olive oil, then sprinkle both sides 1/2 tsp each salt and pepper. Place the eggplants on a cooling rack that’s on a baking sheet, and bake until they are softened and a little brown, about six minutes.

Spoon the tomato sauce on the eggplant slices, then add the cheese and toppings. I’m sure you know how to make pizza! Our favorite toppings are black olives, mushrooms, and nitrate-free pepperoni.

Return the baking sheet to the oven and bake for another five minutes, until the cheese is melted. Go ahead and broil it for a minute if you’d like some extra crispy toppings.

That’s it! The eggplants are a little more tangy than your everyday pizza crust, but I’ve come to really enjoy their distinct taste as an impromptu pizza crust.

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74 thoughts on “Eggplant Pizza

  1. We do something really similar where we roast the eggplant and layer it with spaghetti/pizza sauce and cheese, but it never occurred to me to add pizza toppings. Genius!


      1. Hi Russ,
        You might like the ziplist plugin – it will allow your readers to save and print recipes. Great site by the way!
        Mind if I post some of your recipes with credit back to you?
        I’d love to share them!


  2. I like you had to wait until I had health issues to start thinking about eating differently!
    If you could figure out a way to put a print recipe button your site….that would be awesome!
    I am just learning on the Paleo diet as well so I need all the help I can get!



    1. Jeff: Look into NutriBullet. Liquifies fruits and vegs. So they can be absorbed much easier. This is not a blender. Also, no waste, unlike a juicer.


  3. So simple and so brilliant, love it! Eggplant goes so well with the tomato/cheese combo (think eggplant parm). I always use eggplant slices instead of noodles in lasagna, but haven’t thought of this before. Thanks!


  4. Melaina here from Rudi’s Gluten Free Bakery,

    This looks great! What a creative and healthy way to re-make a favorite. We R right there with you about avoiding the oven on these hot summer nights but this looks like a recipe that will definitely be an exception! Thanks for sharing! :-)


  5. This looks awesome! In the winter I make a modified eggplant parm with basil or red pepper pesto but it’s way too hot to turn the oven on in my apartment now. This post was totally a light-bub moment for me. I’m totally going to try this tomorrow on the grill with pesto, fontina, and mushrooms.


  6. I just made these for a veggie family. They’re delicious and no where near at bitter as my mom’s eggplant used to be. :) I like the thinly sliced pizzas better, but you’ll definitely need a fork for them. Thank you for sharing this idea!


  7. Husband really likes this recipe. I cut my steaks about 1 inch thick, so I had to cook about 10 minutes on each side, then another 5-10 with the toppings on it. We used to sautee in olive oil in a skillet, then top with cheese. This is similar


  8. Tried this tonight and we liked it however for some reason it was still bitter. I don’t think I cooked them long enough as they were still pretty firm. Could that be why they were bitter? Also, the skin seemed more bitter than anything.. is it better to peal them?


    1. Hi Tammy, sorry to hear the eggplant tasted bitter. Was it an old or really large eggplant? They tend to get bitter with age/size. Did you salt the eggplant? That can really reduce bitterness as well. You could definitely peel them to reduce bitterness next time, but my first thought if the skin was bitter was that you were maybe dealing with an older fruit…


  9. Hey Russ, how thick (or thin) should I be slicing the eggplant? This is my first foray into trying eggplant…


  10. I was looking for an eggplant parm recipe–admittedly half-heartedly–and I came upon this. Pizza is among my favorite foods so it was the perfect fit. I loved it; thank you for sharing. I shared my version with credit and links back to you, your recipe, and a suggestion to buy your cookbook on my blog. Thank you for making healthy, gluten-free recipe ideas easy and available : )


  11. I’ve been interested in eating more vegetarian meals and reducing my flour intake. I’m not entirely sure what a paleo diet consists of, but I’m interested to learn more. So far, the recipes I’ve seen that are paleo-friendly have looked healthy and delicious. This looks amazing, and I’ve been wanting an excuse to try out eggplant since I’ve never cooked one before. Thanks so much! I’ll do a bit more research on my own to learn more about paleo.


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