Two-Ingredient Pancakes

A while back I stumbled upon this recipe from Tina at Oh Snap! Let’s Eat! and knew that I had to try it for myself. Pancakes made with just eggs and a banana? Too good to be true. Turns out they’re very tasty and an interesting way to enjoy some of my favorite breakfast staples.

(Serves one)

2 eggs
1 banana

Crack the egg, slice the banana. We blended ours in a Magic Bullet, but you could use a beater, or just some elbow grease.

Blend until completely smooth, which doesn’t take long.

That’s about it – just cook on med/low heat, greasing the pan with a little virgin coconut oil for an additional island flair.

Couldn’t be easier! It makes about eight little pancakes. I should note, just like Tina did in her post, that the consistency isn’t exactly like pancakes – these little guys are much lighter both in taste and mouth feel. But still, it’s quite an interesting and delicious way to eat a banana and a couple eggs! Plus they are so sweet that they don’t even need syrup – a tsp would be plenty, and honey would go well with it too, as in Tina’s original recipe. Personally, I liked eating them with just some berries on top.

I should also note that my lovely wife took all the pictures you see in this recipe – way to go honey! She totally mimicked my style but what can I say, I’m a big influence :)

44 thoughts on “Two-Ingredient Pancakes

  1. Wow, Russ, your pancakes look amazing! Also – great thanks to your wife for taking such beautiful pictures! I’m glad you liked the recipe!

    -Tina from Oh Snap! Let’s Eat!


  2. I LOVE you for this post! I have been wanting to wean away from our traditional flour, eggs, etc, pancakes for some time. Even though I use 100% Whole wheat, I would love something different without the wheat even. What a wonderful idea and great pics to match! Thanks for this post!


  3. I make one large pancake in a cast iron skillet. Cook the bottom on the stove and pop it in the broiler for 3 minutes to cook the top. Cool, wrap up and go! I make a few ahead on the weekend for a grab and go breakfast. I also add lots of cinnamon for a nice flavor, so it’s not too eggy.


  4. These are the best paleo pancakes I have ever made….and I have made LOTS! :) They were a breeze to flip, and had a convincing texture and consistency for my 9 year old who loves traditional pancakes….aka flour gut-bombs! I added a heaping tablespoon of almond butter and some cinammon and they turned out fabulous! Thanks for this site!


  5. Omg, these were the best, sooooo yummy. I did add alittle coconut milk and cinnamon. I have just started the paleo way of life. WHO NEEDS FLOUR?!!! :) Thank you so much for sharing;)


  6. Just found this recently…I can’t resist messing w/ recipes.

    Second time around, I added 1 Tbs coconut oil,2 Tbs almond meal, 1 tsp homemade kefir (tho vinegat would do) and 1 tsp. non-aluminum baking powder. More traditional mouth feel. Next time I’ll add some ground flax seed. Or chia seeds..I don’t mind the crunch. Lotta sugar in that banana, though. I gotta figure out a work-around.


    1. I used the ground flax seed and added pumpkin pie seasoning and vanilla. They were great. My 11 year old loved them. Talk about fast and easy.


  7. That’s how I make mine add a pinch of cinnamon and vanilla extract!! So good way better than regular pancakes


  8. I got the recipe for two ingredient pancakes from another site a while ago and I’ve making and enjoying them ever since. Came across this recipe today and I asked myself, “Now why don’t mine every look like that?” Mine always look a bit lumpier and your tip on blending them makes perfect sense! I’ll try it out the next time I whip up a batch! Thanks!


  9. I made these this morning with a banana that was going brown and they were delicious. Like you said they were sweet and easy to make. Loved it


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