The Heritage Cookbook

At long last, I’m happy to show off my third cookbook, The Heritage Cookbook.

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When I first started food blogging in 2010, I soon realized that traditional dishes — those that we have been cooking over many generations — are an important part of what makes humankind so unique. Not only are traditional recipes delicious, because they have been refined over many years, but they also connect us directly with our recent ancestors, who have demonstrated their love for us by filling our bellies with their beloved family meals. And finally, many traditional foods are also health-promoting, because many of them were first created in a time before industrial practices transformed our current food culture into something full of processed and refined ingredients.

When our second son joined the Crandall family in 2015, I came to another conclusion: that discovering my family heritage was important to me, and I wanted to know more about the genes I was passing on to my children. But as I started to learn about my family background, I couldn’t help but consider that there may be a connection with my individual heritage and the traditional foods that my recent ancestors ate. What if the foods that my great-great-grandparents ate affected the genes that I inherited from them?

With these ideas in mind, I spent the next four years researching and writing The Heritage Cookbook. This book investigates the connection between genetics and nutrition, and combines it all into a massive cookbook. The book will teach you how to discover your own ancestry through genealogy research and genetic testing, and then walk you through the cultural history of every major ethnic group in the world, so that you can learn some of the unique historical elements that influenced the cultures we recognize today. From there, I walk you through the history of every major food group, and provide examples of how the historical consumption of those foods may influence your health today.

That sounds like a lot of info to digest, and it is — this book is nearly 800 pages long! But even if you’re simply interested in delicious recipes, never fear: the book is also a compilation of over 300 traditional recipes from every corner of the globe. I spent years developing, testing, and photographing each of these recipes, and relied on a team of over 3,000 enthusiastic recipe testers to make sure we got every little thing just right. There are by far the best recipes I’ve ever developed.

From an ingredient perspective, you’ll find that this book is unlike my others. Because The Heritage Cookbook focuses on the historical foods enjoyed by specific ancestry groups, you will find some ingredients that are traditional but rarely found in my typical recipes, such as beans and corn. I also provide instructions for making traditional desserts and sourdough breads, items that I have usually avoided on my blog. Everything comes together nicely, and I provide a lot of discussion about the merits of these ingredients, and the historical context in which they were traditionally eaten. Additionally, every recipe has gluten-free instructions if you wish to avoid wheat products.

Here are some other pages that may be of interest to you:
The Heritage Cookbook’s Table of Contents
The Heritage Cookbook full recipe list
Is The Heritage Cookbook Paleo-friendly?

One of the neat things I did for the book was to distribute the recipes in the book roughly along the same lines of the ancestry group representation found in the current U.S. population. So you’ll find a cornucopia of new and refreshing dishes that have been enjoyed for hundreds, if not thousands of years. I also made it a point to source ingredients from resources that most people will have access to – so the ingredients are mostly found in your local grocery store, international market, or available on Amazon.

Additionally, collaboration and connection is an important part of this book, so if you’re on Facebook, I encourage you to join the Heritage Cookbook Facebook group, which has over 3,000 members. We’ll use this forum to share pictures, give feedback, and answer questions you may have while tinkering in the kitchen.

The book is available on many formats. There are three distinct digital copies, optimized for whatever device you want to use. The digital edition is in PDF format and can be used on any computer, tablet or phone; this is my preferred version because it is so versatile. I also created a Kindle edition which has adjustable font size for quick, easy access to the text while on the go, plus an Apple Books version if you prefer to stay in the Apple ecosystem. I designed all three of these editions myself, to make sure that each and every aspect is perfect. All digital editions are $9.99.

also available on:

I really hope you enjoy this new book – it’s been a huge undertaking for these past four years, and I can’t believe it’s finally here. Please let me know if you have any questions!

43 thoughts on “The Heritage Cookbook

  1. Hi, Russ. I had pre-ordered this book on Amazon back on December 9, 2018.
    Now that you say you have parted ways with the original publisher, what should I do? Try to get my money back from Amazon, and order it here? Or will the Amazon pre-orders by honored?


    1. Hi Diane, you should be able to cancel the pre-order on Amazon for a full refund and then order it through any of the new methods. Sorry for the inconvenience, I am not able to transfer the old pre-orders to this new product. Thanks for the support!


    1. Hi Suzanne, about 175 of the 300 recipes are naturally keto-friendly, but they are not specifically labeled as such. But they’re pretty easy to spot – I came up with that number just from one quick perusal of the book.


  2. Hi Russ,looking forward to the physical copy.Looks like an incredible amount of detail, a true labor of love.
    Any chance of getting confirmation of order received (and payed)



  3. Hi Russ,

    My address has changed since I ordered the cookbook and I want to make sure it goes to the new address. How do I do this?



  4. Now what? It’s July 25th and I’m surmising that you’ve sold 300 copies since the purchase page reads “Sold Out”. Will you be printing any extra or adding to your order with enough requests? This is NOT a cookbook for digital print, this is one for the library, coffee table, kitchen table, kitchen island, to read at night, and then some…

    Is there any way I might acquire a printed copy of Heritage Cookbook? (Please)
    Thank you!


  5. I just downloaded the pdf version. but holy cow. It’s huge! Is there anyway to buy a physical copy? I’m not sure my printer will survive this ordeal! :-)


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