Learn How To Carve A Chicken In Under 3 Minutes

We roast a chicken fairly often at the house, and I have the art of carving down to a science. Many people are intimidated by slicing the breast meat on the carcass, including myself; in my version of carving, I remove the breast and cut it on the cutting board. This is also how I carve turkeys.

2 thoughts on “Learn How To Carve A Chicken In Under 3 Minutes

  1. I loved this. As a picky eater, the chicken parts that stress me the most to eat is the thights… I’m not anti-fat (paleo/primal bro over here) but there’s something about chicken fat that I hate. It’s the texture. Yikes.
    But if you remove the bone from the thights, you can also remove the fatty, disgusting bits. I never thought of that! And the breast’s slicing is just genious. Usually, only two people in the family get breast (because we served the whole half). Now everybody can dip a sushi-like portion in homemade mayo :)


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