Deep Dish – Season One

As many of you may know, I’m a regular contributor to the Paleo Magazine Radio podcast, hosted by my friend Tony Federico (author of Paleo Grilling). About a year ago, Tony and I were discussing future collaborations, and in a fit of inspiration, we started tinkering with a new project — which is making its debut today.

Deep Dish combines our collective interests — in recipe development, historical research, and radio broadcasting — to create something truly unique. We decided to make a deep dive into one single meal, researching its entire history and recipe-testing it to perfection, then sharing that story. Instead of a cookbook with many recipes (where you honestly may only cook a few of the recipes), we wanted to focus the project on one delicious dinner – no more, no less. Once we had completed the recipe development, we got together to record four radio shows highlighting the dishes, their history, cultural significance, and our experience with the project.

For our first season, we decided to tackle the quintessential All-American Meal. After a lot of debate, we settled on meatloaf, accompanied by mashed potatoes & gravy, peas & carrots, and apple pie. We spent several months testing new approaches to these beloved dishes, and finally settled on what we consider the ultimate preparation for each bite.

All of the recipes we developed are gluten-free, with substitutions for dairy-free, Paleo/Primal, and Whole30 preparations included. I’m especially proud of our apple pie recipe; since I rarely create desserts (I dare you to find one on this site!), it was a lot of fun to try my hand at baking. The results, you’ll find, are pretty spectacular.

In the end, Deep Dish: Season One came together as a 68-page eBook, bundled with a four-episode radio show, all focused on one delicious experience. We’ve priced it at $5 USD, cheaper than those terrible meatloaf meals you can find at your local diner!

Once you purchase the bundle, you will be sent a link to download a copy of the eBook. As an added bonus, you can preview the audio show prior to purchasing via our SoundCloud page.

I hope you folks love this project as much as I do – it was a lot of fun to create. Be on the lookout for future seasons in the coming months and years!

15 thoughts on “Deep Dish – Season One

  1. How wonderful!
    Looking Forward to reading, listening and cooking ☺
    Keep going after your dreams and passion! You are truly living as you walk in God’s gift of that !
    Rebecca in Ft Worth Texas


  2. I want to buy and download, but is not returning a valid certificate, so my browser will not process the payment. Is there an alternative website for payment?


    1. Hi Nelson, sorry to hear that is causing an issue. I tried searching online for a fix, but the only thing I found was to try it with a different browser (like Chrome). Unfortunately, at this time is the only way to purchase/download the project. Please let me know if trying a different browser doesn’t work, and I can try something else – thanks!


  3. Amazing! You guys must have had so much fun and worked many hours to put this together. I’m happy for you, and looking forward to it.


  4. I made this meal after I downloaded the e book.It all came out amazing-the pie was spectacular.Had trouble finding heritage pork for the meatloaf so had to use regular supermarket ground pork [next time I’ll try Butcher box or US Wellness], I finished the mashed potatoes too early but they stayed incredibly hot on the stove on a low heat ; I can’t help but wonder if warming them for 20 minutes changed their taste and texture a bit. They were still delicious…Meatloaf and pesto peas also the best .Looking forward to the next edition of deep dish!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Scott, so glad you liked it! We put a lot of time and energy into this meal, very happy to hear that you benefited from our work! We make the apple pie for every special occasion now :)


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