A New Take On Fried Rice

Fried rice is a common dish in our house, but I’ve had to make a couple adjustments to be more in line with the Paleo Diet. Luckily, fried rice is mostly a paleo-friendly dish in and of itself (unless you’re anti-rice).

You’ll need:
long-grain rice (day-old)
leftover meat (I used leftover braised ribs)
2 eggs
cut veggies (broccoli slaw)
1 clove garlic
1 tbsp tamari sauce or coconut aminos
4 tsp coconut oil

Frying rice is a multi-step process. You generally want to cook the eggs and veggies individually before starting on the rice: in a wok on medium heat, scramble the eggs and set them aside, saute the veggies in 1 tsp of coconut oil and set them aside. I’ve been buying broccoli slaw (shredded broccoli and carrot, generally pretty cheap and really easy to cook with) and it’s perfect for fried rice.

Next, chop the clove of garlic and saute it in 1 tsp of coconut oil until it starts to brown. Break up the rice into clumps with your fingers and add it to the wok with the oil and garlic, upping the heat to med-high. Add the last 2 tsp of coconut oil and the meat and softly saute everything with a wooden spoon (in wide sweeping motions, occasionally flipping the rice clump as a whole), making sure that all of the rice gets an equal share of the wok’s bottom. This is the most challenging part of frying rice and what people mess up the most: you need to give the rice some time to cook. Basically, cook it until you think it’s done, and then cook it for five more minutes. It’s rare that you’ll cook the rice so long that it’ll completely dry out.

Once the rice is thoroughly re-cooked, you can add the veggies, egg, and tamari or coconut aminos. Mix it all together and continue to saute for a few more minutes, adding salt and pepper to taste.

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