Paleo Takeout Recipe List

Folks, I have some great news for you – Paleo Takeout was sent to the printer last night! In celebration, I’m totally going to buck a few trends here. Instead of teasing you with snippets of the book, only showing off the very best dishes, I’m just going to let you see the whole shebang right now! This is the actual visual index taken straight from the book. I’m confident that once you see this full recipe list, complete with the picture for each recipe, you’re going to flip a lid.

Bear in mind that many of these recipes have variations and sub-recipes listed for them. For example, the combination of techniques, rubs, and sauces for the wings yields 20 different experiences! Similarly, there are 8 different types of ramen in this book. All told, there are over 200 recipes in Paleo Takeout – how awesome is that? Read on to see everything that is included in the book when it releases on June 23rd.

Click on any picture to see it in a higher resolution:

Excited about the book? Me too! I started up a Paleo Takeout Facebook group where I’m sharing photos and news as it comes out, and answering questions along the way. I am also including a sample eBook of Paleo Takeout with every purchase of my eBook The Safe Starch Cookbook, which includes 10 recipes from the book as well as a few more that didn’t quite make it into the final cut.

Paleo Takeout: Restaurant Favorites Without the Junk will be released in all major bookstores and is available online starting June 23rd, 2015. Here are links to pre-order the book:

Here’s the full list, including sub-recipes. Which recipe are you most excited to try?

Chinese Kitchen:
Egg Drop Soup / Hot and Sour Soup / Fried Rice / Seafood Fried Rice / Breakfast Fried Rice / Kimchi Fried Rice / Vietnamese Fried Rice / Thai Fried Rice / Cauliflower Fried Rice / Spring Rolls / Chinese Spring Rolls / Vietnamese Spring Rolls / Filipino Spring Rolls (Lumpia) / Chow Mein / Singapore Rice Noodles / Egg Foo Young / Sweet and Sour Chicken / Orange Chicken / Cashew Chicken / Honey Sesame Chicken / General Tso’s Chicken / Chicken and Mushrooms / Moo Goo Gai Pan / Chicken Lettuce Wraps / Beef and Broccoli / Mongolian Beef / Szechuan Beef / Pepper Steak / Char Siu / Moo Shu Pork / Kung Pao Pork / Shrimp with Lobster Sauce / Honey Walnut Shrimp / Bam Bam Shrimp / Creamy Coconut Shrimp / Vegetables in White Sauce / Stir-Fried Green Beans

Japanese and Korean Favorites:
Basic Dashi (Japanese Soup Stock) / Deluxe Dashi / Miso Soup / Ramen / Basic Miso Ramen / Basic Shoyu Ramen / Tonkatsu Ramen / Asahikawa Ramen / Sapporo Ramen / Kyoto Ramen / Tokushima Ramen / Gyoza Bites / Tempura / Tonkatsu and Chicken Katsu / Japanese Curry / Katsudon / Gyudon / Chicken Teriyaki / Salmon Teriyaki / Okonomiyaki / Quick Japanese Sides (Tsukemono) / Misozuke / Shiozuke / Kyuri Asazuke / Nukazuke / Takuan / Bettarazuke / Korean Seafood Scallion Pancake / Korean Fried Chicken / Bulgogi / Kalbi / Meat Jun / Kimchi and White Kimchi / Cucumber Kimchi / Quick Korean Sides / Korean Bean Sprouts / Korean Spinach / Korean Cucumbers / Korean Seasoned Seaweed

Southeast Asia and Beyond:
Tom Kha Gai / Gang Jued / Tom Yum Goong / Green Papaya Salad / Pad Thai / Pad See Ew / Thai Green Curry / Thai Red Curry / Massaman Curry / Larb / Summer Rolls / Faster Pho / Vietnamese Pork Meatballs / Bún Cha / Bánh Xèo / Bakso / Simple Tandoori Chicken / Chicken Tikka Masala / Butter Chicken / Lamb Vindaloo / Kebab Party / Lamb Kebabs / Chicken Kebabs / Kofta Kebabs / Kare Kare / Oven Pork Adobo / Grilled Chicken Adobo / Pancit / Chicken Long Rice / Garlic Shrimp

American Classics:
Basic Pizza Crust / Pizza Party / Meat-Loving Pizza / Salad Pizza / Pizza Suprema / Hawaiian Pizza / Calzones / Basic Wings / Fried Wings / Grilled Wings / Baked Wings / Saucy Wings Four Ways / Buffalo Wings / Teriyaki Wings / Garlic Parmesan Wings / Maple BBQ Wings / Dry-Rubbed Wings Four Ways / Caribbean Jerk Wings / Dry Ranch Wings / Cajun Wings / Old Bay Wings / Burger Party / Wild Burger / Picnic Burger / Aussie Burger / BBQ Burger / Wild Burger Sauce / Onion Rings / Chicken Sandwiches / Chicken Nuggets / Fried Chicken in a Bucket / Chili Fries / Spaghetti and Meatballs / Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo / Chicken Parmesan / Baked Eggplant Parmesan / Cashew Cheese / Fajitas / Carnitas / Blackened Fish Tacos / Avocado Mayo Sauce / Burrito Bowl Date Night / Pico de Gallo / Cilantro Rice / Gyros / Greek Salad

Sauces, Condiments, and Sides:
Stocks and Broths / Fish Stock / Shellfish Stock / Beef, Lamb, Veal, or Bison Broth / Ham Broth / Chicken Broth / Umami Sauce / Chili Oil / Chinese Chili Oil / Japanese Chili Oil / Thai Chili Oil / Okonomiyaki, Tonkatsu, and Hoisin Sauces / Teriyaki Sauce / Ponzu Sauce / Yakitori Sauce / Tropical Teriyaki Sauce / Dipping Sauce / Barbecue Sauce / Mayo / Honey Mustard / Ketchup / Red Sauce / Pizza Sauce / Bolognese / Traditional Marinara Vodka Sauce / Arrabbiata / White Sauce / Seafood Sauce / Creamy Pesto / Brown Sauce / Velouté Sauce / Mornay Sauce / Creole Cream Sauce / No-Fuss Guac / Tzatziki Sauce / Basic White Rice / Basic Steamed Rice / Steamed Basmati Rice / Thai Sticky Rice / Basic Cauliflower Rice / Steamed Cauliflower Rice / Baked Cauliflower Rice / Perfect Oven Fries / Fry Sauce / Mashed Potatoes and Gravy / Picnic Coleslaw / Burger Buns / Flatbread

50 thoughts on “Paleo Takeout Recipe List

  1. Hey Russ, That looks fabulous!! Now, I’m hungry and I want to start cookin’ right away! Can’t wait for the book to come out. I’m going to work my way through it, start to finish!

    Nice work!

    (Btw, I tested the Larb recipe)!



  2. I was pretty upset when you pushed back the date, as I thought all that I wanted was an e-book… Now I’m excited to have this sitting in my kitchen


  3. I truly appreciate your story and your recipes … Staying paleo and allowing rice is huge to people like me of Spanish descent.
    KUDOS and Thank you.


  4. I was fortunate enough to test the pepper steak and shrimp with lobster sauce recipes and they were both fantastic! Neither my husband nor I follow a Paleo diet, but we cannot wait for this book to come out! I’m hoping to win a free copy from your tester giveaway, but just in case, I’ve already pre-ordered the book on Amazon :)


  5. OMG Russ! Can’t wait for this cook book– everything looks wonderful!! It would make a good mother’s day gift–(tell that to Nathan)
    Congrats on your recent promotion!– Hugs and kisses to all!


  6. Just pre-ordered the book and am excited to receive it! I am not Paleo; I eat Weston A. Price but love your recipes for all the healthy, fresh and natural ingredients and cooking methods. If you haven’t yet, you might want more of a relationship with the Weston A, Price Foundation and ask them to review your new cookbook. I know you would be very well received! So glad I found your blog!


    1. Hi Tina, the WAPF will be receiving a copy of this book, most definitely. They enjoyed my last one, and the FTCLDF used it as a perk for their membership drive last year!


  7. Russ,

    Did I receive an email from you or see a FB post about you starting up a delivery service for Paleo meal service​ ? Maybe I was dreaming

    Sarah Bowden


  8. Wow, I cannot wait to get this book! I cannot believe all the recipes you have in it! Sooooo excited! Going to try the Mongolian Beef first!


  9. Hooray for yo and congratulations on all your good work.

    I won’t get to any of your events– I live in the Hudson Valley— and hope you have a wonderful trip, and meet terrific folks, best, Ruth


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