Quick Breakfast

I don’t write about breakfast much but I thought I should do a real quick post on my typical starting meal.

On weekdays, I generally focus on three items that I take to work: meat, cheese, and fruit. Breakfast is the only time of day that I actively eat fruit, one or two pieces a day. I tend to eat applesauce, berries, plum, or kiwi. The meat is generally four slices of uncured lunchmeat (usually from Applegate Farms), beef jerky, smoked or canned salmon, or a can of sardines. Cheese is usually Kerrygold grass-fed Dubliner or Blarney cheese, or Trader Joe’s grass-fed cheddar.

Weekends is usually the same combination but only one piece of fruit max, with eggs and bacon added. Often I skip the cheese as well. I’m not a big fan of mixing eggs with other ingredients, so I don’t usually make omelets or those crazy Paleo concoctions you’ve probably seen floating around the internet. Sometimes we’ll make something with potatoes, and very rarely we take a stab at gluten-free pancakes (usually to disastrous result). Fried rice for breakfast is pretty tasty, too, and nothing beats spam musubi every once in a while.

That’s basically it. What do you eat for breakfast?

3 thoughts on “Quick Breakfast

  1. Mmm. Breakfast is def. my favorite meal of the day. During the weekdays it’s either hard boiled eggs and bacon with fruit or 1/2 cup oatmeal with egg whites and fruit. BUT the weekends is when we get sexy. My wife likes her eggs sunny side up, and I like mine scrambled. We’ll have bacon and fruit with it. The leisurely pace and non hard boiled eggs make all the difference.


    1. Nice. I will sometimes have hard boiled eggs throughout the week, if my wife needs to use up a carton of eggs. We’re both “over medium” egg eaters, but seeing as how we’ve been eating so many eggs lately I’ve been thinking about experimenting a little more with poaching and basting just for some variety.


  2. I really have a hankering for some kind of muesli. I’m gonna try some nuts, coconut, berries covered with coconut milk. Otherwise it’s eggs and veg. Maybe some rice or potato.


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