Book Review (and Signed Copy Giveaway!): Beyond Bacon – Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog

Congratulations to Abby F. who won the giveaway!

It’s with great pleasure that I take a minute and review Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog, written by my friends Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry (also known as the Paleo Parents). It’s the epitome of what I have been waiting to surface out of the Paleo world: a classy, beautiful, and relevant cookbook that holds its own against traditional cookbooks on the market today.

Beyond Bacon is a Paleo book with a lowercase “p” – the fact that the recipes happen to be Paleo takes a backseat, letting the dishes speak for themselves (and trust me, they can and do speak for themselves – more on that in a second). It’s the kind of book you’d expect people to buy only to find out later that it’s a book based on dietary restrictions.

The book addresses an issue found in many real-food communities – what happens if I buy a whole pig? What do I do with all of these extra parts? Matt and Stacy break everything down: why buying a whole hog is a good idea, what tools and skills you’ll need, and, most importantly, how to cook every part of the animal.

The book features the breathtaking food photography of Aimee Buxton – you wouldn’t believe it, but this was her first foray into food photography. Every recipe is accompanied by a beautiful, vibrant, and mouth-watering photo.

I had the opportunity to test some of their recipes while they were writing the book, and I was immediately impressed with how well Matt and Stacy did their research; the ingredients and cooking methods are perfectly fitting for each dish. Simply put, these two know their way around a pig.

Some of my favorites are their grilled cubed pork kabobs, cracklin’ pork belly, and their “corn” dogs, all pictured above. Their “corn” dogs were the first time my son has had a corn dog, and he was immediately hooked. And don’t get me started on their desserts. I’m not a dessert guy for the most part, but I could eat my way through that section in a heartbeat.

I realize that I’m being overly gushy about Beyond Bacon, but I think it merits the praise. I love its singular theme and scope, approachability, and design – simply put, it’s taking Paleo cookbooks to a new level of credibility in the cooking world.

And finally, I’m hosting a giveaway for a copy of Beyond Bacon, which has been lovingly signed by Matt, Stacy, and Aimee!

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141 thoughts on “Book Review (and Signed Copy Giveaway!): Beyond Bacon – Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog

  1. Hey Domestic Man! I get your newsletter and follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! I need to try the cubed pork kabobs and “corn” dogs when I win this giveaway ;)


  2. Hi Russ,
    I’ve been following you through the newsletter and now on FB :) I love the theme of this book. Coming from Brazil we love the idea of using all parts of the animal for cooking. The pig’s feet go to our national dish, the feijoada!
    We are moving to Ireland in August and I’m looking forward to having our local butcher. It is a fun idea trying recipes from different parts of the world with a twist.
    Thanks for your recipes, they delicious and exciting!


  3. Hey Cuz, I’m related and not entitled to win the contest. But I/we follow you on FB, Twitter and in the flesh! Pigs – what’s not to love?


  4. I follow you on Facebook and Google+. I also subscribe to your newsletter. This book looks amazing, defiantly going on my wish list.


    1. Actually don’t worry and take me out of the competition. I didn’t realise you had to be in North America. Maybe another time.


  5. Following on FB, pinterest and already receive your newsletter. Love your recipes. I already actually have this book on preorder, just waiting for it to be delivered


  6. I receive your newsletters and follow you on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. I just love seeing what you have to say!


  7. I discovered your site through a ravioloi recipes that all the other bloggers were talking about. That led me here. Right then and there I started subscribing to your newletter and liked you on facebook. Thank you!!


  8. Everything looks awesome about the book and the idea seems original!
    I was already receiving notifications of your posts via email. I now also follow you on Twitter and Pinterest!
    Thanks for the review :-)


  9. I’m not on any of the other social media, and I have previously subscribed to your blog entries, so I hope this comment will enter me in the drawing. I’d love to get this book!


  10. Thank you for hosting this give-a-way. I receive your newsletters, and follow on your other social media outlets…..Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblur, and Instagram. I tested a few recipes back in February as well. Would love to win a signed copy!!


  11. I get your newsletter, follow on facebook, twitter, and pinterest. I love the recipes you post! Thank you so much for all the work you put into this blog!


  12. So excited to have some more recipes to add to collection. Having celiac (gluten intolerance) along with several other food allergies very hard to enjoy food. Thanks to book like yours I am able to enjoy cooking again! I hope that by following you on facebook and recommend you on google+, some of my friends in the gluten free community will hear about your book. I am also very excited to start receiving your newsletters!


  13. I follow you on Instagram! I actually have this book in my Amazon cart but have been waiting for the extra money to buy it. It would be way cool to win a signed copy! Also wanted to tell you how awesome your Disney post was. It really gave me a lot of info needed to plan for our visit.


  14. I get your email, I like you on Facebook, I think you’re a great writer, you live near USNA…What more is there to say, other than that I would LOVE to have this book. Then I could raise a pig and utilize every part of it. Win, win, win!


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